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Re: Sharing an hfsplus partition between Linux and MacOSX

Thank you a lot for the indications.
I solved as you suggested by alligning the ids between the two systems.


Am 14.11.2005 um 22:23 schrieb Eddy Petrisor:

Marco Chiarandini wrote:
Dear list,
I just finished installing the kernel 2.6.14 with HFS and HFSPLUS
modules built-in. To my understanding with this kernel it should be
possibile to read and write on Mac HFS extended partitions.
I verified that it is indeed possible but I can do this only with root
permissions and not as a common user.
Below my current fstab, although I tried already several other different
ways to mount the partition. When mounted hfs partitions receives uid
"501" and gid "dialout". Adding this group in /etc/group and the name of
the user as member of the group does not solve the problem.

You can fix this by changing you uid from whatever is now to 501 and change the id of the dialout group not to overlap with the one that is the default in MAC OS X.

Mount the partition then under group (macosxwr, let's call it) and with the appropriate umask to allow the writing for the group.

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