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Re: 2.6.14 USB vs. sleep issues

Hello, I was looking around for a solution for my problem with by Debian
Sid Ibook crashing when it went to sleep when it had a USB mouse plugged
in and I came across that thread.

I am not subscribed to the mailing list so this email probably won't
make it thru to the list, but I figured out a temporary fix to the
kernel crashing issue that worked for me. Maybe it will be usefull for
somebody else.

My kernel is:
and is one I got from stock debian sources.

I am using pbbuttonsd for powermanagement (with powernowd for cpu
scaling control) and they have these scripts in /etc/power/ that you can
run during shutdown and startup. I copied
the /etc/power/scripts.d/skeleton script to
make /etc/power/scripts.d/usbkiller script. In it I simply changed it
slightly to:

case "$1" in
        /sbin/rmmod ohci_hcd;;
        /sbin/modprobe ohci_hcd;;
      case "$3" in

I had to mkdir /etc/power/suspend.d and /etc/power/resume.d and make
symbolic links to usbkiller in both directories. This is explained in
the scripts themselves and in the /etc/power/README file.

By rmmod'ing the ohci_hcd modules the script it disables the mouse and
seems to avoid the kernel-panic-on-resume issues with it. Of course if
you have other USB devices you'll probably have to modify the scripts
for that. With the mouse the usbhid module is loaded automaticly after
the ohci_hcd is loaded after resume. For X it works fine because, but
other people may have to do ctrl-alt-F1 to switch out of X and then
ctrl-alt-whatever to get back in.

Also should be handy for other things that may get goofy after a
suspend-resume cycle.

That way I got a temporary work around without having to recompile the
kernel for now.

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