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Powerbook6,8 issues


I recently started working in a new company and they assigned me a brand
new Powerbook 12" (PowerBook6,8) 1.5GHz with a (f*cking) nvidia NV34M
GeForce FX Go5200.

I installed debian unstable and have some problems with it:

Random lines flickering in the screen when i use the keyboard in Xorg
(tried the default Xorg from sid and the experimental 6.9 packages) it's
really anoying and I'm afraid they are damaging the panel in someway.
Funny thing Xorg works perfectly fine in Ubuntu, probably a patch they
included, I will try to track that down later today.

dmasound doesn't work, just the snd-powermac alsa driver and that gives
a very ugly sound output :-(.

Airport doesn't work (surprise!) but i hope the free driver will be
working soon!.

The most annoying thing for me: The laptop doesn't suspend at all, I
still have my old ibook g3 with a radeon m7 and the sleep support is a
feature I'm very attached too. I'm a experienced C developer (no kernel
experience however) and would like to try to work on this, but I need
some pointers (Ben? :-), as I understad the problem with the sleep
support is the rivafb module not supporting the resume operation. Is
there any documentation on the chip ? refence code ? ways to reverse
enginer the os x driver behavior? (tools and methods). I would really,
really, really love to have this working.

Thanks for all the help and pointers.

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