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Re: Terminal problems

Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 07:27:47PM -0800, Mike S wrote:
Hello Everyone, I am back. After trying a few different distributions of linux, and using gentoo for a while, I have found that I was missing debian. Right now I am having actually a few things that are puzzling me. I am running Debian unstable (Sid) but attempting to build most of it with apt-get source and such.

[ ... ]

I did dist-upgrade from stable,

from stable to unstable? If yes:

"Debian does not support upgrades that skip intermediate releases"

I don't know whether the information above is dated now, but clearly
I'd go from stable to testing to unstable ...

As to unstable: Unstable is *highly* unstable currently, IINM: So if I
had to install Debian newly at this very moment I'd definitely install
stable and then trying, at some point in the future, to move the
system carefully to unstable:

Excerpt from
""sid" is subject to massive changes and in-place library
updates. This can result in a very "unstable" system which contains
packages that cannot be installed due to missing libraries,
dependencies that cannot be fulfilled etc. Use it at your own risk!"

So for me it seems you're trying to reach the nearly impossible:
Building a working sid when sid is, errh, slightly down. To put it
mildly ... :)

At any rate: Good luck!

Best regards

Hey Wolfgang, thanks for the help, I understand a bit more, and I have run into the building dependency problems a couple times. one which I am trying to work out is autoconf, oddly enough.

Seems like something so little would be a "not a problem" issue, but it is, like in order to build autoconf automake1.9 must be installed, and in order to build automake autoconf must be installed. But I have not really anything else to do, so fiddling with stuff is my "occupation" right now.

Just for the benefit of others on the list, I have tentatively resolved my issue with xterm, well, I actually didn't resolve anything, I went around it. I am using fxterm4, I think it's called. But when I manually open the xterm I still have the color problem. Also xscreensaver is complaining about colors not being defined, but it's weird like it'll say something like: "color "black" not defined, using black" So I am starting to think that maybe it is a problem in xorg files mixed with xfree files. I just built xorg-x11 package, so I am going to try and drop this xorg and install the one that I built.

Will leave updates on success or other, thanks for the help everyone.

--Mike S

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