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Re: backup of the whole hd

On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 11:18:37AM +0300, Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> On 10/28/05, Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> > > I have a dual boot system, so I want to make a complete backup of the
> > > whole hd.
> > > partition, so I can restore/backup from either linux or OS X.  I would
> > > also like to verify the backup.
> >
> > apt-cache show partimage :)
> Does this impose the restriction of having the same partitioning
> scheme on the destination as it was on the source?
> I would like to increase my / partition, but need to reparttion.

Nope, you can backup partition by partition, and the only restriction is that
the partition you restore to needs to be the same size or bigger than it was

> I there such a tool ? (please, don't suggest ext2-resize, I use ReiserFS)

You use reiserfs which is know to eat filesystem for breakfast, i hope you
have good backups :)


Sven Luther

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