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Howto install Host-Ap-Driver

Hi all!

First of all thanks for the fast replies and helps to my erlier
posintgs, everything worked out fine.
Todays question of mine has to do with a server I try to set up now for
some time. It's an old G3 Powerbook Wallstreet. In the moment it runs
Hoary in Console mode, an ssh server and an dns server. I wan't to
expand it's services. I'd like to build an WLAN Router out of this
Notebook, with DNS-Service, Printing Server, Web-Server and
CVS-Repository for my personal Data. The point I'm stuck in the moment
is how I change the driver for my Orinoco Silver-Card to an Hostap -
Driver, so I can use this card as WLan-Server. Has anyone any sugestions
for me.

Thanks a lot in forth,


fn:Rainer Gutkas
adr;quoted-printable:;;Kleiststr. 36;St.P=C3=B6lten;;A-3100;Austria
title:Bakk. techn. (B.Sc.)

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