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Re: Xorg and DRI on Pismo

Hi all!

Thanks very much for your help with this issue.

As suggested by Micel Daenzer, switching to a color depth of 16 helped, DRI is enabled, my opengl apps running fine again.

So there must be something (i guess inside xorg) that makes it want more memory as Ben already expected.

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

I haven't looked at X.org  r128 code for a while, maybe it's more memory
hungry nowadays. I need to dig out my venerable Pismo and have a look...


This time being it works fine for me, so it's no longer a critical issue, although i am not sure where there difference between 16bit and 24bit is in everyday use (sounds stupid but i don't see any difference). It's just a bit weird when things are stopping to work after an upgrade or migration.

Thanks again, have a nice time!


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