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Installing Lame

Hi there, 

I'm running Debian Sarge / OSX dual boot on a G3
Apart from expressing my solidarity with all other
Pismo users running Debian, I'd like to ask if anyone
can help with a small problem I have installing lame

I use Audacity to edit audio files. To export as mp3
or aiff I need Lame encoder - when I try to export in
these formats from Audacity it asks me to locate the
libmp3lame.so file/library. 

As there are no pre-compiled binaries for Lame I
downloaded Lame source tar from
http://www.mp3dev.org/mp3/ and followed this howto : 


   1. Download the source tar from:
   2. Extract the source: tar -xvzf lame-3.96.1.tar.gz
   3. Compile and install: ./configure && make && make

This does not seem to work - I do not find the
libmp3lame.so and just recieve pages of output that
looks like errors at the make install stage. This is
the first time I compiled anything from source, but
even when I have asked ppl with more experience they
cannot advise me where I am going wrong. Do I need to
compile this in a special for Debian / debian ppc ? Am
I missing something fairly simple? Any help much


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