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Re: reinstalling tiger

On Sunday 23 October 2005 11:00, kohzak wrote:
> Hi all
> i'm running osx Panther and Debian etch on my ibook 12 G4.
> I would like to know if it will be a problem to install Tiger.
> Will it erase my dual boot ?

When you install Tiger you'll have to make sure that you install it into the 
partition that Panther was installed in, don't just let it run riot over your 
whole hard disk.
> Will i have to reinstall my Debian ?

It will destroy your yaboot stuff, so I've always booted a CD and rerun yaboot 
to reinstall the bootloader stuff. I think it might be possible to switch 
back to yaboot by booting to openfirmware and making a choice there, but I've 
always done the above and it worked fine.


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