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Problems with Airport (classic) card

Hello there,

In some of my last posts I was just spreading the love about  Pismo
Powerbook and wrote something about how perfectly the airport works with
Linux ;)

Well, today I finally got my empty airport slot filled with an Airport
card, and I have some problems with it.

I have a rtl8180-based wifi PCI card in my desktop PC, the card supports
AP mode.

Dmesg shows that my Airport card has the 8.70 firmware installed, so
it's fairly new if not the latest.

The card I've been using before the Airport is Cisco Aironet 340 series,
it worked ok in Linux with the Realtek both in ad-hoc  and AP modes.
When the desktop was running windows, I could only use the ad-hoc mode,
and got used to that.

The problem I have is appears while trying to use it (the airport) with

First thing - when the airport is in ad-hoc mode I cannot read the
signal levels, even when the connection is up. 

The ad-hoc connection between rtl8180 on windows and Airport works okay.

But with Linux I can't establish a connection. I have dhcp set up on my
PC's Linux.

 In ad-hoc mode I managed to get an addres on my Airport
card a few times, but couldn't transfer any other data - icmp, tcp,

ONE time I managed to establish an adhoc connection linux rtl8180 ->
linux Airport.

When I set the rtl8180 to AP mode, there is no way I can establish a
connection with the airport. When I bring the airport's interface (eth1
in my case) up, it's up for a few seconds and then dies. In dmesg it
looks like this:

Oct 20 14:10:56 opium kernel: eth1: New link status: Connected (0001)
Oct 20 14:10:58 opium kernel: eth1: New link status: Disconnected (0002)

As you see, it dies after like about  2 seconds.

Do you think this could be a problem with the Realtek wifi card?

I didn't have the opportunity yet to test my Aiport with a real Access
Point yet.

I guess Benh has quite a big knowledge about that card :)

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