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Re: kernel hangs at boot on dual G5

Sven Luther wrote:

> Tell me seriously this guy can't burn a netinst CD ?
Don't really know. At worst, I can do that for him. The point is he wants
> The best option would
> be to do that, and then use debootstrap if he really wants sarge over
> etch.
Ok, I didn't know of that chance. But, what about the kernel? If he sets up
etch, he will have the etch kernel. Then deboostrap will install its own
kernel, wich, most probably, won't work. Does yaboot in sarge show a kernel
menu, like grub does in the i386 arch?

Have you got any pointer to simple howtos about using deboostrap from an
already installed system? Is it enough to say "deboostrap --arch powerpc
sarge / file:///cdrom/"?

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