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Re: Home made kernel 2.6.14rc4 on ibook

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005, Tsai Dung-Bang wrote:

Is anyone using kernel 2.6.14rc4??

I'm deviating a bit from your problem.

I'm trying kernel 2.6.14rc3 on a SMP G4 with Radeon 9000. It still has the problem that it hangs at the point the video card is initialized. It stops at setting up cpu 0 done, or something like that.

I compile it but when my ibook sleep, it never wake up.

But the 2.6.13 work fine.

There seems to have been a lot of big changes in the kernel over the last several versions. I also have a AMD 64 and I can't get a recent kernel to boot on it. It gives the ieeee panic in the interrupt handler and dies.

Hopefully, some of these problems get straightened out. But it seems like for every two steps forward there is a step back.


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