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my .config for miboot floppy

Hey everyone,

I'm following with great interest and anticipation the miboot threads because 
I'm porting ipcop (linux firewall distro) to powerpc and miboot floppies is 
my preferred method of booting oldworld macs into the installer.  This said, 
I want to thank Sven and everyone I don't know who's involved in miboot d-i 

Anyway, I'm submitting my .config for consideration.  It was patched to 
support squashfs because that's what ipcop uses for its initrd.  It was also 
patched for ipsec and some other things but I've removed those from the 

It has built-in support for ide_pmac, for mesh and mac53c94.  ext2 and ext3 
support is also included.  I've not built any nic drivers into the kernel 
because that'd have made it too big to fit on a floppy and there was nothing 
else I could remove to make the kernel smaller.

This kernel boots my performa 6400 (ide hd and scsi cd, ide_pmac and mesh, 
respectively).  It also boots my b&w g3.  Haven't tried it on my mac mini, 
but there's no reason it shouldn't work.


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