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Re: iMac g3 and kernel 2.6.12 >=

Dean Hamstead <dean@bong.com.au> wrote:

> have you tried the 'stock' debian 2.6.12 kernel deb's, rather than
> compiling your own? 

Yes, i tried (after compiling, but using the only kernel working, 2.6.8)
also the linux-image-2.6.12-1-powerpc with apt, same thing...

> does your imac have some unusual expansion hardware?

No, the video card is (from System Profiler on OS X): ATY,Rage128Pro2
with 16 Mb VRAM.
I suppose the problem can be with the card, but the support for ATI Rage
128 in the kernel is loaded by default, so i dont' know...

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