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nvidia driver on ppc. problems

Last june 2005 I've bought a fine powerbook G4 12", and I did subestimate the
problems from the nvidia FX GeForce 5200 grafic card under GNU/Linux. It seems
the nv driver doesn't support yet:

1.- external vga/dvi output (can't use a bigger screen or TV)
2.- GPU doesn't sleep (when close the laptop, it keeps eating battery)
3.- 3D acceleration (not so important at the moment)

.. and the propietary nvidia driver is not available for ppc architecture.
So I ask: which is the nv present and future? is there the possibility some day
this things are going to work? is there some any other project for the drivers?

.. or should I sell it and buy an Ibook?



My system:
Powerbook G4 12" 1'5GHz
Debian Sid
Kernel 2.6.12

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