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hfs+ redux

I just tried a little experiment:
- formatted a 300G HD using Disk Utilities in OS X (10.3.9) on a G5 iMac
	- 290G=HFS+
	- 10G=Unix FS
dragged a foo.tar.gz file to the Unix part
dragged a pdf to the HFS+ part
unmounted the drive
plugged the drive into my iBook which was booted into UbuntuPPC 5.04
the Nautilus file browser saw both parts of the HD
but gparted only saw one large 300G space on the HD; it couldn't see the Unix FS or the MacOS X part
I unmounted the drive from the Linux PPC
mounted it again on the iMac
the 300G drive did not mount on the desktop
using Disk Utils I saw the Unix part but the OS X part was hosed

anyone else have this experience?
is it possible to do backups from LinuxPPC and OS X on to one drive part'd into ext3 and OS X?

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