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Re: 3rd sensor not shown (adt746x)

Hello Michael,

Michael Schmitz <schmitz@zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
>> >> Where is it? And for what is this sensor?
>> >
>> > The 'where' is answered by a printk in the module. And it isn't there
>> > because it doesn't control a fan.
>> Does "GPU ON DIE" control a fan? And why ommit this information, only
> Look at your OF device tree, it lists both the sensors and the fan
> locations.

I can't interpret what that means:
$ cat /proc/device-tree/uni-n@f8000000/i2c@f8001000/fan@15c/hwsensor-location 

The sensor is located at bottom side?

>> why it has no fan? How else can I get this information?
> By adding some code to the thermostat module (the current code explicity
> skips sensor #0. precisely because there's no fan present that could be
> used to directly influence the respective temperature. The sensors are
> read primarily as input into the fan control algorithm. Printing them to
> sysfs is just an added benefit).
> That's what I did to read out the adt7640 'local temperature' sensor - I
> found the output not very helpful, and disabled that code again.

Was this so much code, that is would take an extra effort to maintain it?

Regards, Jörg.
> Ich kenn mich mit OpenBSD kaum aus, was sind denn da so die
> Vorteile gegenueber Linux und iptables?
Der Fuchsschwanzeffekt ist größer. :->
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