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Re: 3rd sensor not shown (adt746x)

> >> Where is it? And for what is this sensor?
> >
> > The 'where' is answered by a printk in the module. And it isn't there
> > because it doesn't control a fan.
> Does "GPU ON DIE" control a fan? And why ommit this information, only

Look at your OF device tree, it lists both the sensors and the fan

> why it has no fan? How else can I get this information?

By adding some code to the thermostat module (the current code explicity
skips sensor #0. precisely because there's no fan present that could be
used to directly influence the respective temperature. The sensors are
read primarily as input into the fan control algorithm. Printing them to
sysfs is just an added benefit).

That's what I did to read out the adt7640 'local temperature' sensor - I
found the output not very helpful, and disabled that code again.


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