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Re: Bug#322821: libpng12-0: new version breaks pdflatex


I'm trying to compile Enlightenment from CVS-sources for some time
now, and I get png-related errors. Additionally, I compiled a small
image viewer called "qiv" that is unable to handle pngs correctly,
Using a X-remote session with Enlightenment from Unstable as the WM, I
noticed that some images aren't shown correctly, the entire green
color changes seems to be missing. I changed my WM, wich seemed to
solve the issue, but I had similar problems on other WMs, too (openbox
from the debian repository, for example).
I don't know if this related to libpng, too, though.

I'll need to do some checks on my machine ASAP, because after my
failures to compile Enlightenment (well, the entire suite of libs and
apps), I downloaded libpng from its website, and recompiled it from
scratch. If I'm not mistaken this didn't changed anything, but I might
have had a misconfigured built-environment, that kept on using the
libpng downloaded by Debian.


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