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Re: Bug#322821: libpng12-0: new version breaks pdflatex

Hi Powerpc people,

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote:

> Le lundi 26 septembre 2005 à 15:20 +0200, Frank Küster a écrit :
>> > After discussing with the submitter, it looks like tetex-bin needs a
>> > rebuild as well. A binary-only upload on powerpc should do the trick.
>> I might out myself as a complete ignorant in terms of libraries, but
>> this seems to me only a half-solution.  Why is the recompile necessary?
> You might want to ask some powerpc specialist.

To sum things up: An update of libpng has caused tetex-bin (actually the
pdftex binary) to fail when including a png image.  Since we (teTeX
maintainers) made no changes, we suspected that it's a change in libpng,
but there were no changes that could cause this, either.

Rumor goes, however, that a recompile might help (it helped on one
user's box) - I have no idea why except that "it wouldn't hurt to try".

So I am left with some questions:

- Do you know whether the build environments of powerpc buildds where
  screwed up in the past, either when tetex-bin_2.0.2-31 was build
  (after July 28th) or more recently when libpng was build?

- do you know of any toolchain issues with powerpc - quoting Josselin:

>> Or was there an undetected ABI change - shouldn't the library get a new
>> soname then?
> If there was an ABI change, it was powerpc-only, and caused by the
> toolchain, as I'm pretty sure this cannot be caused by a change in
> libpng.

- can anybody of you reproduce the bug[1] and try whether it can be
  fixed by a) recompiling tetex-bin and/or b) recompiling libpng12-0?

Many thanks in advance, Frank

[1] simply run pdflatex over a test file like



where some.png is in the same directory as the test file

Frank Küster
Inst. f. Biochemie der Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer

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