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Re: right click on powerbook

Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni wrote:

RIGHT_CLICK="-right 29 272"    # Control-click

i tried to configure mouseemu. but i couldnt find out the keycode for my
mousebutton. i have a new (june 2005) ibook.
> what is the difference between the keycodes from xev, showkey and

 showkey in a console

i have just write this same question to the developper of mouseemu.
i will answer you asap.

also there is a strange behavior of showkey. it just runs at root or via
sudo (maybe this is normal) and seems to "push down" the return button.
and if i switch to another application or window, this window behaviors
like i would push down the return button until showkeys timeout appears
and i push ctrl+c or return...

showkey work fine in a tty console and not in a xterm. You must
switch to a console with ctrl-alt-F1 (or fn-ctrl-alt-F1 with some exotical layouts)


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