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Re: Install second partition of powerbook?

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 11:43:31AM -0400, Jay States wrote:
> I have looked through the mailing list and googled about installing 
> debian on a second partition and found no solution.  I have OS X on the 
> first partition and the second partition is free, I would like to 
> install Debian... but not if I have to re-format the disk.  Any suggestions?

Use debian installer, and when coming to the partitioning step, chose manually
editing partition table, and use this second partition (or better yet erase
it, go into automated partitioning and chose use all free space). Don't be
surprised as your partitions will be #9 and #10 or so, and make sure you
create a small 8MB or so partition for yaboot.

Notice that with sid/etch d-i, you can even do shrinking ofyour mac os x
partition without losing data :) Not sure the partman ui allows for shrinking,
but you can go to console 2 and use parted directly.


Sven Luther

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