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sound problem with g4 pb and selfmade 2.6.12

hy there,

i'm having a 12" g4 1ghz powerbook here with debian 3.1 installed
(selfmade 2.6.12 kernel). unfortunately there seems to be a problem with
the sound. no matter if i am in gnome or on the console (system)sounds
are first at normal volume and then very quite. it is a bit difficult to
explain - especially because i am not a native english speaker - so i
make an example:

- on gnome i have activated the sound-server and all sound events
- of course also the volume is set to 100% at the gnome volume applet
- when i now open a terminal and press p.ex. 5 times the backspace
button the first sound issued by the speakers is at the volume level i
expect and the latter 4 are so quiet that i nearly cannot hear them
- if i now wait p.ex. 5 seconds and repeat this, again the first sound
is loud and the others are quiet again
- the same problem occurs also with other sounds (like when playing dvds
- in the kernel config i have activated CONFIG_SOUND=m,

has anybody a hint on how to track this problem down and what might be
the reason of it?

thanks and greetings


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