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acces to hfplus partition

Hi all

I have an ibook 12 G and dual boot between Osx panther and Debian testing.

I have create a partition in hfsplus and compile my linux kernel to
write on it.
So my /etc/fstab is :

/dev/hda5       /mnt/osx        hfsplus     user,auto      0   0

The problem is that when i try to mount it, user and group owners of
/mnt/osx become 501 and 501.

I've tried to force with

/dev/hda5       /mnt/osx        hfsplus user,auto,uid=1000,gid=1000     0  0

but it still mount as 501.

I can only copy some file on this parition with root acces.

Does any one know how to change user uid and gid under osx, or any other
solution ?


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