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Re: Migrating Debian from iMac G4 to iMac G5

> > Cannot confirm this - on 2.6.8 and 2.6.11 (old BenH BK trees), sbp2 and fw
> > is rock solid. The only trick is to plug in the disk _after_ Linux has
> > booted.
> Ah, ... i never did that i plugged it in from startup (and was running the
> ubuntu live cd even). it is a 1Ghz tibook (last tibook generation i believe).

No doubt it's hotplug/discover messing things up here.

> I also have similar problem on the pegasos though, but then it uses a VIA
> firewire chip, so things may be different.
> The problem don't happens when merely usign the disk, not when creating full
> DVD isos from data on the firewire disk to the local disk, but only when
> creating a DVD iso from data on the firewire disk and putting the result on
> the firewire disk. The other case i had was when trying a full backup of the

Never tried that - I've always burned DVDs on the fly. Which is similar as
placing the ISO on the IDE drive, of course.

> 60GB of data of the linux partition of my powerbook in order to make a new
> install.

That I've done successfully. But I've used fw800 for that - if anything,
it should have stressed out the hardware even more.

> I was using an external firewire/usb case with a standard IDE disk in it, so
> maybe this also influences ti somehow.

Depending on the fw adapter in the disk case, maybe. That's all black box
anyway (but everyone uses that stuff, and it usually works).


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