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Re: Migrating Debian from iMac G4 to iMac G5

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 02:31:28PM -0300, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> With your help I've been able to boot the new iMac G5 and start the 
> installer.
> Since I'm migrating from another Debian on a G4 I don't know if I should 
> install a whole new system or not.
> If I start the G4 in target mode, mount the firewire disk in the G5 and 
> simply copy the whole filesystem(s), would that be enough, would the 
> programs work?  I would of course setup yaboot to boot with the power64 
> kernel and change the hardware related configuration (network and X).
> I'm a bit lost there, is it only the kernel that needs to be compiled 
> for 64bits or the programs too?

Only the kernel. But you probably need to edit /etc/fstab in addition to
yaboot.conf, and make sure all files are copied as they should not sure if a
plain cp will be enough.

Also, notice that it is my experience that linux/powerpc sbp2 (the firewire
disk) mode is rather flakey on 2.6 kernels, when i tried that to backup my
powerbook, i failed miserably.


Sven Luther

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