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Re: sudden power loss on tibook

Michael Schmitz wrote:
Odd. Unless cpufreqd would drop the CPU frequency only for a very short
period - anything in the logs about frequency switching?

cpufreqd didn't have logging enabled - I've started it up again with full logging and will report if/when there's another shutdown.

Not really. This is typical for loss of communication between host CPU and
PMU (the PMU has a timeout on that, and just cuts power after timeout,
resetting the system clock). I'm not sure whether this only applies to

OK, thanks.

host initiated PMU comms - that would mean we have a lockup happen while
talking to the PMU. Otherwise, it might be just any lockup with interrupts
disabled (does it happen on the text console as well? Does the cursor keep

My system isn't locking up, it's just switching off - so there's no chance for the cursor to blink or otherwise. Is that what you meant?


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