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Re: sudden power loss on tibook

> Michel Dänzer wrote:
> > My assumption is that the sudden shutdowns are triggered by some kind of
> > race condition when switching CPU speed. If powernowd switches less
> > often than cpudyn, it may indeed be significantly less likely to
> > trigger. Of course, cpudyn could be configured to switch less often to
> > verify that theory.
>  From watching Gnome's cpu-frequency-monitor, it would appear that
> cpufreqd, in the configuration I had it, did not adjust my cpu frequency
> at all except when changing between AC and battery. The system would

Well, in that case, powernowd seems to be the better choice anyway. Except
it also locks up on TiBooks :-(

> appear to be fixed at full CPU speed ('performance' profile), and
> occasionally shut down spontaneously anyway.

Odd. Unless cpufreqd would drop the CPU frequency only for a very short
period - anything in the logs about frequency switching?

> Now I'm using powernowd which switches the cpu frequently according to
> CPU load (these switches are visible in the Gnome applet).
> Also, is it significant that the hardware clock gets reset (to
> 1904-01-01) after one of these shutdowns? Does this imply anything about
> where the fault is occurring?

Not really. This is typical for loss of communication between host CPU and
PMU (the PMU has a timeout on that, and just cuts power after timeout,
resetting the system clock). I'm not sure whether this only applies to
host initiated PMU comms - that would mean we have a lockup happen while
talking to the PMU. Otherwise, it might be just any lockup with interrupts
disabled (does it happen on the text console as well? Does the cursor keep


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