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Re: sudden power loss on tibook

Michael Schmitz wrote:
Heh, that might just be Michel's probem. Try powernowd instead of
cpufreqd, or maybe just without cpufreqd.

I've told mouseemu "-typing-block 0" - is that the same as disabling it?

All this does is tell mouseemu to pass through any key event it gets to
see. Which isn't the same as not registering an exclusive handler for key
events in the first place (based on a look at the -15 source). So the real
test would be to stop mouseemu, sorry :-(

OK, thanks for that. I tried running with mouseemu stopped this evening, and I got another power-loss after a few hours of that - so for me, the problem isn't caused by mouseemu.

I'm now using powernowd instead of cpufreqd - I'll report back on how that goes.


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