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Re: How to install Sarge on RS6000 7044p model 270

Ralph escribió:

Hi Ezra,

the 7044-270 isn't the same as the 7043-260, but i think it
should work like described here:


And when You boot from OF, please keep in mind to use
backslash instead of slashes, so You have to

"boot cd:,\install\yaboot"

instead of "boot cd:,/install/yaboot"

And "cd:" might be wrong also, since RS6000 knows this from
OF as "cdrom:", but You can do a "devalias" to get the "cd:" working.


Yeap, trying with the dir command I found out it only understands cdrom...

anyways trying to run yaboot the same way:

boot cdrom:,\install\yaboot

I get this error msg "Default Catch! code=fff00300....."  :(

The machine has its firmware and service processor updated to the latest so I dont know what may be happening.. :(

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