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nvsetenv segfaulting on 8500

Hi Folks,

Currently running testing on an 8500 with a G3 upgrade.  With all of
the Old World booting discussions we've been having over the last
couple of weeks, and my booting troubles, I wanted to go back to see
what I had for OF boot defaults.

However, when I run nvsetenv as root, I get segfaults with both the
boot-device and boot-file arguments. I'm running a mainline
kernel, compiled with gcc (GCC) 4.0.1 (Debian 4.0.1-2).  The version
of "powerpc-utils" I have is 1.1.3-17.

What can I do to help trouble-shoot this?  Is this a symptom that my
OF tree is corrupted?  I use BootX into Linux or OS 9 without issue.


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