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Re: Installer problems on Beige PowerMac G3

On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 02:28:58PM +0200, Magnus Sandberg wrote:
> Can I verify the quik installation, or run it manually an extra time by 
> entering the shell? Should I verify (with mac-fdisk) that some partition 
> has the boot-flag? It seams that OpenFirmware don't recognize any bootable 
> disk to read quik from. I only get the Mac-symbol with a question-mark or a 
> X, I don't remember which of them.

If you're still seeing any logos on boot, then your machine isn't
configured to boot from quik. On an oldworld model, OF is pretty
stupid, and has to be told where to find the bootloader explicitly.
They are normally setup to have a boot device of /AAPL,ROM (the
old-fashioned builtin mac system just like on nubus macs), which
is where the code to search for a bootable system lives. However,
that code will only find what looks like a mac system (either a
real macos install or miboot). In order to boot quik, the boot-device
in nvram has to be set to boot from the drive directly. In a
linux shell, try running "nvsetenv boot-device", which should tell
you what the machine will try to boot on startup. It's possible
the installer didn't know the correct path to set, and gave up. The
only machine I have with quik is a 7600, so it is all SCSI, not IDE.

	Brad Boyer

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