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How to install Sarge on RS6000 7044p model 270


I have been reading the manual to install Sarge on a powerpc but there is no way this Machine Rs/6000 44P model 270 (CHRP) will boot from the Sarge CD.

Well, in the sarge CD1 there is an install directory with yaboot in it. I am also trying to run it from openfirmware but it is not working, dont know if Im doing something wrong or what. the command I use is "boot cd:,/install/yaboot" also tried to call the linux kernel directly "boot cd:,/install/power3/vmlinux"

Any of you have recently installed sarge on a machine like this or similar in which you couldnt boot directly form CD?

The manual also mention you can download the kernel image for this architecture flavor (Power3) from ftp://ftp.es.debian.org/debian-cd/current/powerpc/other/power3/cdrom/ and burn them in diskettes if you dont sucess with cd but those are also as well in the cdrom and I can't really figure how to place those in diskettes hence their size.

I'd trully apreciate some help.

Thanks in advance.


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