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Re: kernel compile on RS6000 7043-260

On Friday 26 August 2005 08:44, Ralph wrote:
> Hi !
> As I finally do have my 7043-260 up and running with
> kernel 2.6.11 power3 smp, I went to try to build my
> own kernel. Needless to say: not very successfull.

> Although I did (as one can read in lots of howtos) configure
> all the important modules to drive my disk as mandatory, the
> new created kernel does always the same when it should do
> something different, as the log of my good old kernel shows.
> Must be something with initrd/cramfs/ramdisk, when i interpret
> the logfiles in the right way...
> (see logs below)
> What am I doing wrong ?

It looks like you're not including the correct SCSI driver:

Make sure that "SYM53C8XX" under "SCSI low-level drivers" is turned on, 
as well as "SCSI disk support".  I'd compile those into the kernel 
("Y") instead of as modules, just to be safe.

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