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Re: Help! Not able to mount FAT filesystems

> > <RANT>
> > Sven, if you read all of his problem, you'll see it has nothing to do
> > with not having FAT compiled into his kernel.  It'd be nice if you would
> > stop chastising people for compiling their own kernel instead of using a
> > debian supplied one... expecting people running an open-source OS to not
> > compile software themselves seems silly.
> You're using debian, right? Do you compile all the softwares yourselve?

[ not the OP, but I'll bite ... ]

All my kernels? Definitely. Other software? Quite often ­ sometimes
there's no Debian package, or the one there is hasn't been updated in
ages, or new upstream versions haven't been packaged, or I need it to
behave subtly different from the packaged version. Quoting above:

"expecting people running an open-source OS to not compile software
themselves seems silly."


"Do you compile all the softwares yourselve?"

should be obvious enough to demonstrate he wasnt't talking about
compiling everything. And especially Debian is about 'encouraging' (*
understatement of the year *) users to tinker with their systems, IMNSHO.

Compiling stuff myself is one of the better ways to help fixing bugs, for
one. Compiling the kernel myself is the easiest way to cut down on bloat,
yet minimizing the number of modules necessary for proper operation. Sven
provides install kernels and default kernels that work just fine for most
people. If some want to compile their own, more power to them, and no harm
done to Sven.
In this case, the GP is right: the problem-between-keyboard-and-chair
happened at mount time, not kernel compile time. Would've happened with
Sven's kernels just the same (unless he has some magic smoke in there that
goes 'hey the user said sda but meant sda1, let's second guess' on

(OTOH, messing around with the kernel is one of the finer ways of shooting
yourself in the foot. I'd try that only after mastering the mount
intricacies :-) )

My own 0.02 Euro: thanks a lot for providing packaged kernels, Sven, but
please don't act offended when users build their own kernels. Because
that's what it sounds like at times.

End of rant.


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