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RE: Sarge install on Orldworld was successfull, but minor quirks

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from: Christian Walther [mailto:cptsalek@gmail.com]
sent: Wed 05/08/24 05:01
to: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
subject: Sarge install on Orldworld was successfull, but minor quirks

- While booting the machine I see the Tux-Logo, but no boot message.
Instead, there is a small area on the left side below the logo, where
colored dots are moving upwards. Between the logo and this area, there
is a really small, blinking cursor. Output starts when the system
configures the console, on first boot this means when the charset is
set, on every following boot the first output I see is the login
message itself.



I also have had similar symptoms with my setup - which is an 8500, also
with a G3 upgrade card, and an ATI Mach 64-bit card.  At first I thought
I was missing compiled in fonts or something similar.  But when I tried
to play with the BootX options, I would get a distorted logo, and text
that would be severely mangled and unreadable ...  This is also with an
upstream 2.6.12 kernel ...

I have not be able to get any console activity at all, either with fbset
or otherwise.  2.4 works fine, as does X.  But the boot text is "mildly"
troubling ;-)

Might just be some weird combo of Old World Macs, ATI cards and the G3
upgrades ...


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