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Re: good wireless card ppc debian

On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 12:06:23PM -0700, Emmanuele Salvati wrote:
> hi all,
> i guess there has already been discussion about it, but i need a good 
> wireless card



> (by good i mean fast) that runs well with debian sarge kernel 
> 2.6.11, on an ibook g4.
> can you suggest some known to work well?

Well? I don't know ... :

I can only tell a bit about 2 cards:

Orinoco/Hermes I (I had to unscrew a Powerbook G4 to install the card;
I don't know whether this is an option on your machine) works here
with WEP only, IINM, and without issues, IIRC: If you're prepared to
risk the safety of your system: Use it enthusiastically ...

For WEP encryption is no encryption, but an invitation to break into
your system: A WEP key can be cracked in about 3 - 10 minutes:

Same probably is true currently for the rt2500 driver
(serialmonkey.com) if you use it on Debian ppc: It currently works
here (PowerBook G4) only with WEP, but Mark Wallis on


is trying to find out, why it does not work with TKIP on Powerpc
.. TKIP is much stronger than WEP, but still no high-grade
security as AES encryption, IINM .. 


An excerpt from

"AES offers much stronger encryption. In fact, the U.S. Commerce
Department's National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)
organization chose AES to replace the aging Data Encryption Standard
(DES). AES is now a Federal Information Processing Standard, FIPS
Publication 197, that defines a cryptographic algorithm for use by
U.S. Government organizations to protect sensitive, unclassified
information. The Secretary of Commerce approved the adoption of AES as
an official Government standard in May 2002."

And patching an, e.g., 2.6.12 kernel with
(http://www.kismetwireless.net/download.shtml) might be an option to
get more wireless options for orinoco.

Stay tuned for possible TKIP results for rt2500/Powerpc from
serialmonkey.com in the near future ...

Oh yes: 
The page above might tell which cards/vendors actually use RT2500.

> thanks a lot,

Welcome ... :)


Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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