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Re: Booting with yaboot and a new kernel

I believe the fact you see tux means you have loaded a kernel, but I
might be wrong.


On 8/22/05, Pablo Gil <lakesis@rastafurbi.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> This is the first time I compile my kernel in my Powerbook G3 Pismo
> (I've already done it several times in other machines). I've read
> everything about yaboot and I thought that I understood it but is obious
> that i didn't as I am not able to load the new kernel.
> My yaboot.conf is like this:
> ## yaboot.conf generated by yabootconfig 1.0.8
> ##
> ## run: "man yaboot.conf" for details. Do not make changes until you have!!
> ## see also: /usr/share/doc/yaboot/examples for example configurations.
> ##
> ## For a dual-boot menu, add one or more of:
> ## bsd=/dev/hdaX, macos=/dev/hdaY, macosx=/dev/hdaZ
> boot=/dev/hda2
> device=hd:
> partition=4
> root=/dev/hda4
> timeout=30
> install=/usr/lib/yaboot/yaboot
> magicboot=/usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot
> default=Linux
> read-only
> image=/boot/Linux
>         label=Linux
> image=/boot/Raziel
>         label=LinuxNuevo
> As far as I know this it is right. When I start the computer the yaboot
> propmt appears, then I press tab to be able to see the list. Then I
> choose "LinuxNuevo" to boot the new kernel. Yaboot throws some lines as
> usual but the linux never starts loading (usualy I get tux in one corner
> and that system information). My computer gets stuck and I only can hear
> the hard drisk spinnig as if something was trying to read it.
> As the kernel doesn't even start i'm pretty sure it's a yaboot issue,
> but I don't really know.
> Any help will be wellcome. If you need more information ask me.
> Thanks
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