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Re: gtkpbbuttons doesn't work when booting on ac power

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 21:33:24 +0200
uwe@steinmann.cx (Uwe Steinmann) wrote:

> A couple of weeks ago when pbbuttonsd 0.7.0 entered unstable
> it all began. Since then I cannot change the brightness or volume
> with the function keys and most of the time cannot even send the
> computer to sleep with the power on/off button. Sure, gtkpbbuttons
> is running and 'pbbcmd config ...' works without problems.
> The strange thing about it, is the fact that this only happens
> when booting while on ac power. If I boot the ibook on battery
> power everything is fine.

This looks like the event devices are not available when pbbuttonsd
is started. With version 0.7.0 pbbuttonsd rely full on /dev/input/event
%. If you compiled pbbuttonsd with --enable-debug it would show all
found input devices at startup.

Another posibility might be the lack of interrupts on AC power. On my
Pismo for example the AC connector is only recognized by the kernel if
the PMU sends interrupts. If I booted by machine without a battery
plugged in, this interrupts never come and so the kernel doesn't know
that it is running on AC power. /proc/pmu showed that the machine is
running on battery without a battery mounted (not very funny). Maybe
you have to look in this direction?

  Best Regards

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