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gtkpbbuttons doesn't work when booting on ac power


there has been a number of problems with pbbuttons and friends,
and I couldn't find mine among them. So here it is.

A couple of weeks ago when pbbuttonsd 0.7.0 entered unstable
it all began. Since then I cannot change the brightness or volume
with the function keys and most of the time cannot even send the
computer to sleep with the power on/off button. Sure, gtkpbbuttons
is running and 'pbbcmd config ...' works without problems.
The strange thing about it, is the fact that this only happens
when booting while on ac power. If I boot the ibook on battery
power everything is fine.

Anybody any clue?

This is a PowerBook6,5 (ibook G4 1,3 GHz)


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