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Looking for an interresting programming project to participate

Hi all!

I've some troubles in the moment. I've studied Computer Sience (so actually I'm actually working on my diploma thesis, but never mind) and had some kind of Burn Out in my late phase of studies. In the moment I found a job as software developer, but due to the issue that I didn't do to much C/C++ programming the last view years, I run in the trouble of not having enough experience to be productive enough for the job I got. So my boss gave me the advice to participate in an open source project, to improve my skills and get into experience fast. I also should say that I had the whish for a long time to work in an open-source project, but haven't had the guts to ask. So I'm looking for a project, that is interresting and where I can learn a lot about the following programming issues:

Network related programming using sockets, any use of STL -structures, use of Xerces-XML parser, pointer arethmetic, data types on different processor types, writing highly portable code, multi-threading,...

In my personal field of interest you could also put graphics and sound programming, writing code generators, .... etc.

So I'm looking for people that can give me hints, or supervise an interesting project where I can participate in.

Thanks in forth for you're suggestions,

fn:Rainer Gutkas
adr;quoted-printable:;;Kleiststr. 36;St.P=C3=B6lten;;A-3100;Austria
title:Bakk. techn. (B.Sc.)

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