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Re: Pbbuttonsd not starting under 2.6.12

On 6/20/05, Matteo Bigoi - Bigo! <sbigol@gmail.com> wrote:
I've compiled the new 2.6.12 kernel and pbbuttonsd doesn't want to
start. The error is:
can't open /dev/pmu.
My .config is more or less the same that I use in 2.6.12rc6, where all
works good!

Any idea?

I had the same issue yesterday after compiling the 2.6.12.
When you  use the .config of the 2.6.12rc6, the support of the "power manager" for the powerbook "disapear". You must do a 'make menuconfig' and add the support of the power managment for the powerbook (device drivers->macintosh drivers).


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