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Re: Java 142

Mike S <michael_six@users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> I am downloading IBMJava2-SDK-142.ppc.tgz and IBMJava2-JRE-142.ppc.tgz,
> and now that I look there's also IBMJava2-JAVACOMM-142.ppc.tgz, do I
> need all of these, or either the sdk/jre and javacomm, and is the
> difference between jre and sdk just that one has libraries that can be
> linked to for compiling, and the jre is just for running java
> programs?

I've only installed jdk, seems jdk has included jre.

> and also where would I look for instructions to use the "java-package"
> that Rogerio Brito informed me of?

`java-package' is just a tool for building deb packages for jdk. While
installing jdk is quite easy, i don't see many benifits by using it.


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