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identifying Powerbook5,4 modem


Occasionally, the modem on my 15" PowerBook 5,4 would come handy.  I
searched the archives and the net, and found only a few references to
the linuxant driver.

I tried to use their script at


to identify my modem, but I got messages like

% ./listmodem.sh                                                                          /tmp/xx
awk: cmd. line:169:             else if ( (vendor ~ "8086" && (
awk: cmd. line:169:                                            ^ unexpected newline or end of string
awk: cmd. line:177:                     device_id ~ "266D") ) || # Intel
awk: cmd. line:177:                                         ^ syntax error
awk: cmd. line:178:                     device_id ~ "266D") ) || # Intel
awk: cmd. line:178:                                           ^ syntax error
awk: cmd. line:184:                           (vendor ~ "1039" && device_id ~ "7013"))     # Sis
awk: cmd. line:184:                                                                        ^ syntax error


1. Has anybody got this script working?

2. If not, which driver do I need?  The HCF (controllerless) or the
HSF (softmodem)?

3. Anything debian-specific to watch out for?  In particular, is it
advisable to run their install script?



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