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Re: Mounting CF card

> I just bought the new Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D, and I want to know how I
> can mount a CompactFlash card (Lexar 1GB 80x). I need help mounting the CF
> card, and also want to know if there are any reliable apps for converting

You want to mount the card while it's inside the camera, or using an USB
card reader?

For multi-format card readers, your kernel needs to be configured to probe
for multiple LUNs at each SCSI target. Otherwise, only the first card
reader 'function' will be detected.
Multiple LUNs will show up as sda, sdb, ... in Linux. cat /proc/partitions
will tell you which devices and partitions the kernel could detect.

With the camera as 'reader' for the card, the first newly detected SCSI
device (sda, unless you had other USB/Firewire devices attached) should


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