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Re: Gnome vs. KDE with ALSA

Hi Mike,

On 6/19/05, Mike S <michael_six@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Please correct me if I am wrong, but in my searching I have concluded
> that sound will not work in anything in gnome, unless you have the
> proper device set in Desktop > Preferences > Multimedia Systems
> Selector, which I gather sets the audio mode for all things inside gnome
> that use gstreamer (Which is all, I think).  As I said before ESD is the
> only output that I can get to work.  Still looking, but what I have read
> so far says that ESD causes a hell of a processor load, though I have
> not noticed anything, but I don't tinker with commands that high level,
> I have also read that esd is pretty good in that it can take multiple
> programs and send all things to the card, which is what I want, because
> I ran kde and could only have one application use sound at a time.

KDE runs artsd, also a sound daemon, which mixes sound on the fly. And
it consumes a lot of processor cycles too. It's annoying.

> Another thing I am trying to find is a way to get esd to share the sound
> card.  I read a while back that it was possible for you to set the
> daemon so that it would "share" the given audio device, and I am
> thinking that that would (maybe) help in things like mol and such that
> need OSS or alsa.

Search for dmix. Using it, you can set up a very simple ALSA
configuration (just a file .asoundrc on your home directory) which
allows for multiple sound outputs. Also, it is quite   inexpensive in
terms of CPU.



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