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Re: ATI 9600 3d acceleration

On 6/18/05, Tamas K Papp <tpapp@princeton.edu> wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 18, 2005 at 12:40:49PM +0300, Eddy Petrisor wrote:
> > I think you should wait until r300 is ready, or you can try now :) ;
> > maybe it will work for you and you will tell me, too :)
> Looks like that it is getting ready, eg the page says

I also posed a question on the list regarding this issue...

> I would like to try it, but I don't know where to start.  Do I need to
> compile a kernel module, or recompile X, or something else?

Apparently, from the home page, you have to do both, recompile kernel
and x.org; you will need x.org from cvs, however

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