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Install guide outdated about Old World disk booting ?

I recently tried to install Sarge on my Performa 6400, and I followed the instructions given in the latest install guide. But on section 4.5.1, here :
they ask to use a Kernel and RamDisk from the Woody release. And indeed, when the install is complete, Debian 3.0 is installed, andthe Kernel is 2.2.

So I tried to get the files myself from the Sarge distfiles located here : debian/dists/sarge/main/installer-powerpc/current/images/powerpc/ netboot/ I used the vmlinux kernel, and initrd.gz ramdisk. Everything went right during the install. But when I rebooted into the newly installed system, a kernel panic occured saying that it couldn't load the root partition. I double checked the names of partitions and the partionning stage, and it should be ok.

Does anyone know if the guide will be updated, and/or how to solve my boot problem ?

Thanks a lot,
N. Falzon

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