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Problems installing Debian Sarge on PReP PPC, (Motorola PReP Utah PowerStack II Pro4000)


hope that this is the correct list...
I have many difficulties on installing Debian/Sarge on my system because
there is something fishy with the installer. I'm using Debian Sarge stable
with the current installer.
Maybe someone could help me a litte bit?
I'm net-booting with tftp and the installer runs quite well through the
installation process. But: The automatic partitioning does not work.
It does not create any boot-partition needed for the openfirmware.
Second: When i manually create the partitions and define the essentially
"PowerPC PReP Boot-Partition" the installer just creates an ext3-partition
(as parted reports). I think, that the partition typ should be 41 ("PReP
It is possible in the installer to choose other file-system-types like
PowerPC PReP Boot-Partition, prep, PowerPC, PReP, but they seem to be
all identical.
Third the installer is not able to install a boot-loader (there is
an error-message about this). I'm not sure, but i think for that type
of machine, no boot-loader (can) exists. The Kernel is just copied in that
Prep-Partition and the openfirmware loads it... The installer does not
do this.

I then started to create a partition table manually. In the BusyBox
environment, i only find parted as a partitioning tool. And it seems to
me that parted is not able to create a prep partition.

On first glimpse the installer did all the stuff
correctly except all things related to make the system boot-able.

Does anyone know how i can make the machine bootable?
I can't find some program like fstab, which could be able to create a

Thanks in advance,

 =Carsten Glose=

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