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Re: Apple's Developer Transition Kit

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 13:33 +0200, Alex Fernandez wrote:

> Steve Jobs was talking about the future Intel roadmap. Probably you
> mean that they will use chips within the x86 family, even if the chips
> themselves are new. I guess Apple will not go back to 32 bits now, so
> I would bet for the x86_64 architecture (or whatever the Intel
> knock-off is called).

Yes. Sorry, I kinda wrote that in a hurry.

> Yes, a "universal" binary contains code for both architectures, like
> "fat" (not "FAT") binaries in the 68k->ppc era.

Ok. I wasn't totally sure about that.

> In fact, for Java programs it would be bytecode, which is
> platform-independent; for the rest it means two binaries in one.

Yeah. I wonder which JVM they'll ship.

> I think Jobs has said that they will use a ppc emulator, to run
> "legacy code" (in this case PPC). Apple has licensed something called
> "QuickTransit" for fast emulation.

Uh. Ok. That'll still be fairly painful.

Thanks for your comments, I suppose I need to go re-read the available

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